Wij verkoopen ook opberg systemen (mapjes en albums) voor uw ansichtkaarten.

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Auction house "De Voorstraat"

Auction house "De voorstraat" has been around since the 1990s on the internet. And now a number of years with our online store where we also offer our articles without having to go to Zwolle to come to our monthly auction.

In addition to the many postcards we have on our auctions many other collections of e.g. stamps, cards, first day envelopes, coins, banknotes, tokens, cigar bands, pins, pictures albums, sugar packets and more.

On the site De Voorstraat you can see when the auctions are and you can download a list of the lots. Maybe there's something for you as a collector.

But you can also offer your "stuff" for sale in  an auction.

Just contact us.

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Voorstraat 23
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